One of the many things you need to do to prepare for your baby’s arrival is to choose a doctor to oversee their health care. A pediatrician is a medical doctor who manages the physical, behavioral, and mental care of children from birth until age 18. A pediatrician is trained to diagnose and treat a broad range of childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases. Your pediatrician will see your baby many times from birth to age 2 and annually from age 2 to age 5 for “well-child visits.” After age 5, your pediatrician will likely see your child every year for annual checkups. Your pediatrician is also the first person to call whenever your child is sick. In caring for your child, a pediatrician will: Most hospitals ask if you have a pediatrician when you go in to deliver. Your baby’s first examination may be with a hospital pediatrician or your chosen pediatrician. This depends on hospital policy and whether your pediatrician makes rounds at the hospital where you deliver, and whether your baby was born early.

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